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YDH becomes a logistics service provider of Qoo10 (eBay Japan) !
All news 2021-01-06 04-30-20
YDH Express has become a markable logistics service provider for the seller of Qoo10 --Japanese station platform. The connection between YDH logistics operating system and Qoo10 e-commerce system has been successful.

About Qoo10 (Qutian)

Qoo10(Ebay Japan)( )  is a rising star of Japanese e-commerce platform. At present, its market share in Japan is second only to Amazon and Yahoo. It is one of the four major shopping websites in Japan and has high brand awareness. Japan has the world's top five e-commerce market. The market scale reached US $122 billion in 2018. Qoo10 was acquired by eBay in 2018. Qoo10 Japan station has become an important site under eBay, and the market share has increased by leaps and bounds. In 2019, more than 30 million people shop on qoo10 eBay.


Q&A about Qoo10

1. Q: what is the position of qoo10ebay Japan in the local e-commerce?
A: Qoo10 ebay is the third largest e-commerce platform in Japan.

2. Q: how about Japan's per capita consumption capacity? How high can the gross profit margin be?

A: Japan is a developed country. In 2019, the world's top three economies are the United States, China and Japan. Japan is about $5.21 trillion. The per capita GDP of Japan is 41314.41 US dollars (about 288800 yuan), and the gross profit can generally reach 30% ~ 40%.

3. Q: can you sell products in different categories at the same time?

A: Yes, the Qoo10 eBay platform has no restrictions on stores. A store can sell products in different categories.

4. Q: how about home furnishings at Qoo10 eBay Japan station?

A: At present, the whole household category, especially the charged household category, such as floor sweeping robots, electronic vacuum cleaners, including dryers and electric irons, are very popular products on the platform of qoo10 eBay Japan station. Commonly used electrified homes are selling well.

5. Q: is qoo10 eBay Japan a distribution or a boutique?

A: Qoo10 eBay Japan station is more inclined to high-quality goods, and some sellers are distributing goods. Like cheaper mobile phone peripherals and mobile phone accessories. It is recommended to match it.

6. Q: is the background language of qoo10 eBay Japan station Japanese, English or Chinese?

A: the background languages of qoo10 eBay Japan station are Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean.

7. Q: is Qoo10ebay Japan also a direct delivery station?

A: Yes, at present, there are two delivery methods in China. One is self delivery, or you can choose to send directly from China.  The second is to choose overseas warehouse.

8. Q: what services can YDH provide?

A: if it is self delivery, you can package the order generated by Qoo10 and directly hand it over to YDH for transportation. In case of overseas warehouse delivery, YDH has overseas warehouses in Osaka and Chiba, Japan, which can provide overseas warehouse services such as packaging and delivery. YDH also has a front overseas warehouse, which can send packages and goods purchased in China here. We can provide you with packaging and cross-border logistics services.

9. Q: how long is the deadline for YDH delivery?

A: the logistics service of YDH is adopted. Since YDH receives the package, it can complete the delivery within 3-5 working days, and the Japanese buyer signs for it.



At present, the seller of Qoo10 Japan shopping platform can only use the shipping company selected in the system option for shipping, while the shipping company not logged in on the system cannot be used and cannot be shipped. YDH is successfully marked as an optional logistics service provider. The sellers of qoo10 platform deliver goods to Japan, and then the logistics service of YDH can be selected. YDH helps you connect with Japan and nuggets the Japanese e-commerce market!


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