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YDH won the "most investment value award" at the conference of SZCBEC !
All news 2021-03-25 05-02-45

On March 24, 2021, the "2021 szcbea k100 press conference and global cross border e-commerce Festival kick-off conference" hosted by Shenzhen cross border E-Commerce Association was grandly held at Sheraton Greater China Hotel in Futian, Shenzhen.



The conference specially invited 1800 + member units of Shenzhen cross trade association, 10 + heavyweight sharing guests and attracted 100000 + cross-border sellers, aiming to provide an exchange platform for sellers and service providers in the cross-border e-commerce industry and promote the healthy development of the industry.




At the same time, the conference held an on-site Award for the selection activity of "the first annual excellent enterprise in Chinago cross-border e-commerce industry". After online referendum and expert review, Ideal international logistics won the "annual most investment value award" in the first Chinago cross-border e-commerce industry.




In recent years, the global cross-border e-commerce has ushered in rapid development, and the cross-border e-commerce market is facing broad development space. Following the pace of the times, YDH Yida international logistics has continuously expanded its business sector and established a set of perfect product system. The scale of the enterprise has been rapidly expanded and the operating income has been rapidly increased.

Adhering to the service tenet of "safe, fast, accurate and professional", YDH is committed to becoming a global high-quality cross-border logistics service provider, helping customers become bigger and stronger, and striving to achieve enterprise value.


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