China-Japan Commercial Express

China-Japan Commercial Express Line

Export to Japan service

If you have express delivery from China to Japan, you can choose "Japan export express service" of YDH. Provide YDH with service outlets to pick up the goods from the cities on-site, export them to Japan through the ports of East China, North China and South China, and conduct customs clearance at the ports of Tokyo and Osaka. Your goods will be delivered to the whole territory of Japan by using the service network of YDH and cooperative local express companies within 1-2 working days after customs clearance.

Through the unremitting efforts of YDH China Japan professional team, YDH has become a well-known brand in the China Japan express service industry, and the service quality has been unanimously recognized by the Chinese and Japanese markets.  YDH will win you time advantage, respect and recognition from customers in the international trade between China and Japan.

Details of "Japan export express service" are as follows:

Japan yirida region: Tokyo, Osaka and some regions

Japan's alternate day arrival area: the area outside the one-day arrival area. Special note: the time limit for service will be increased by one to two working days in some areas of Northeast China, Kyushu and Hokkaido, and Okinawa is beyond the scope of the zone.

Flexible flight stowage: YDH cooperates with many airlines to fly multiple flights to Narita Airport (NRT) in Tokyo and Kansai Airport (KIX) in Osaka every day.

Special note: the officially declared goods must arrive at YDH East China operation center before 19:30, and the delivery time needs to be extended by one working day.

"Japan export express service" service categories: Standard express service, designated day express service, special service on rest days, limited time special service, special express service, special car express service, Airport Express pick-up service, freight collect service, third-party payment service and monthly freight settlement service. You can choose according to your needs.


Import from Japan service

If you need to import goods from Japan to China, you can choose "Japan China Import express service" of YDH.

Provide the pick-up service of YDH Japanese service outlets, export to China through Tokyo and Osaka ports, and send it to all parts of China through YDH domestic network. Using YDH's "Japan China Import express service", your goods can be delivered to Shanghai and surrounding areas in 1-2 working days, which will win you time advantage in Japan China international trade.

Japan China Import route arrangement: Tokyo port route adopts Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) to fly directly to Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG), and Osaka port route adopts Osaka Kansai Airport (KIX) to fly directly to Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG). Express can be delivered to Shanghai and surrounding areas in 1-2 working days.


Advantages of YDH Japan line:

A. mature experience: It has accumulated mature experience for 20 years in China-Japan express line.

B. selected routes: Select multiple routes to improve the transportation efficiency of goods.

C. convenient customs clearance: It has the qualification of independent customs clearance at Tokyo and Osaka ports in Japan

D. bonded warehouse: Japan's independent bonded warehouse to improve the speed of customs clearance.

E.Local delivery:YDH has established business relations with local logistics companies in Japan, and the delivery area covers the whole territory of Japan.


(4) YDH's service point in Japan

Tokyo business office, Osaka business office, Nagoya business office, Kansai business office, Narita business office

Chiba overseas warehouse, Osaka overseas warehouse



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