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The global outbreak of COVID-19 - YDH will help again!
All news 2020-03-16 06-12-56

As early as the beginning of the new year, novel coronavirus broke out and spread rapidly in China. The sudden disaster, the serious shortage of epidemic prevention materials in China and the shortage of manpower in relevant production factories can be described as making it worse. For a time, masks, protective clothing, disinfectants, forehead temperature guns and other materials were in great shortage. Overseas Chinese compatriots, especially overseas students, are concerned about the motherland, running around, actively providing channels to help purchase overseas materials, which has greatly alleviated the pressure of the shortage of domestic epidemic prevention materials.

Overseas epidemic situation is grim

China has just recovered from the "battle" of COVID-19, and it is just around the corner to take off the mask. However, the global epidemic is becoming more and more serious. The number of overseas confirmed cases has exceeded 80000, and the situation is tense. We are deeply affected by the epidemic and care about overseas Chinese and students. At this time, whether their epidemic prevention materials are sufficient and whether they can protect themselves?


YDH responded quickly and launched charity donation mask public welfare activities

Like the domestic epidemic, the supply of masks in various countries is also in a sudden shortage, especially for foreign students, who are unable to return home for various reasons, and their families at home are worried about it. Yida international logistics company responded quickly, and the management held a meeting overnight to discuss and formulate the plan of this public welfare activity. The establishment of a special fund of 3 million is intended to provide 20 disposable masks for 30000 foreign students free of charge and mail them to the door.

Isolate the virus, but not love

Once the YDH public welfare activity was launched, representatives of student groups and parents of overseas students came to ask for details, apply for places and express their thanks through e-mail and official account. In the extreme shortage of epidemic prevention materials and such a difficult environment for international transportation, they have solved their urgent needs and felt the love from YDH!



Anxiety of mothers of foreign students from France

Since the outbreak of the European epidemic, Ms. Huang, who lives in Shanghai, has been worried about her daughter studying in France every day. According to her daughter, the supply of masks in local shops and pharmacies in France is seriously insufficient. Ms. Huang, who knew about the public welfare activity, immediately applied for the quota after consulting YDH about the scope and conditions of the public welfare activity. And immediately forwarded it to friends who also need to apply.



Thanks from Italian student Xiao AI

Xiao AI is a junior student studying fashion design in an art college in Milan, Italy. Through the forwarding of students, I also learned about this YDH charity donation public welfare activity. Applied for the quota through email and customer service. The next day, we received the logistics track of masks from YDH. She replied in surprise: "I thought it would take at least a week to get the free receipt. I didn't expect to receive the delivery order so soon. It's so exciting and surprising! It's our Chinese enterprise awesome!



The envy of international alumni of Japanese Language Schools

YDH is a cheap and good choice for international students in Japan's international express delivery. This public welfare activity also quickly spread among parents and students. Everyone signed up enthusiastically. As a freshman in the language school, Xiao Chen's mother also applied for a free place for him. After receiving the confirmation message from YDH, Xiao Chen proudly talked about it with students from South Korea, Thailand, India and other countries. Sighed: "Chinese enterprises, like the Chinese government, have given the people strong support and support in this" battle "against the epidemic. It's really envy.".


We are taking action to help foreign students

Ideal international logistics concentrates the strength of its national branches, works overtime, overcomes various difficulties in special periods, and is taking practical actions to help more overseas students like Xiao AI and them.



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The first stage of Yida international logistics charity donation mask public welfare activity has been successfully completed. If individuals or enterprises still need epidemic prevention materials, especially masks, they can contact us, and YDH will cooperate with alliance partners to recommend resources.

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