Commercial express guide

Commercial express cargo packaging Guide

Select the corresponding packaging type according to the nature, status and weight of the transported goods.

The package shall be firm, intact and light, which is convenient for handling, loading, unloading and stacking.

There shall be no protruding nails, hooks, thorns, etc. outside the package.

The package shall be clean, dry and free from peculiar smell and oil stains.

The articles shall be fixed in the packing box, and there shall be no gap with the box, which shall be filled with filler.

Packing articles shall not collide with each other. If there is a gap, it can be filled with filler.

Do not use materials with debris and grass dust, such as straw bags, straw ropes, etc.

The weight of various packaged goods shall be limited to the bearing range.

The sharp part of the article shall be thickened to prevent damage to the box and other packaging materials.

The backing materials (such as paper scraps) in the package shall not leak out.

Goods weighing more than 10 kg shall be bound with packing belts.

The packing belt shall be able to bear the full weight of the goods and ensure that it will not break when lifted.

Waybill filling guide

Fill in the waybill

The waybill contains the details of your consignment and is accompanied by your goods throughout the delivery process. Please fill in the waybill clearly and accurately, especially the names and addresses of the sender and recipient.

Waybill No

Each consignment item has a unique waybill number, which is located below the bar code in the upper right corner of the waybill. You can check the shipping status of consigned items according to the waybill number.


Left part

Part 1 - sender account number. Please fill in your YDH account here. If you don't have an account, please contact us.

Part 2 - sender details. Fill in your company name, contact person and telephone number here. Special note: we provide free waybill printing service.

Part 3 - types of services and packaging. Select your service and packaging type, and indicate whether you are shipping documents or non documents. If you are not sure whether your item belongs to the scope of the document, please contact us.

Part 4 - special treatment. Please indicate the designated delivery date you require (must be within the scope of normal service).

Part 5 - description of goods. Please fill in here: (1) name and description of goods; (2) total quantity of articles in the packing box; (3) price of single article; (4) total declared value of articles; (5) origin.

Middle part

Part 6 – recipient information. (1) In case of payment by the recipient: Please fill in a valid arrival account number at the recipient's account number; (2) recipient zip code: required; (3) recipient details: fill in your recipient's company name, contact person and telephone here.

Part 7 - terms of payment.

7.1 About freight: ① if you do not fill in, we will treat the sender as paying the freight. ② if the courier fee is paid by the recipient or a third party, please cross the corresponding box and fill in the YDH account number of the recipient or the third party. Special note: the sender is obliged to bear all unpaid expenses.

7.2 About tax: ① if you do not fill in, we will treat the recipient as paying the tax. ② if your freight or tax is paid by the sender or a third party, please cross in the corresponding box. If it is paid by a third party, please fill in the relevant information in the third party column of payment method.

Part 8 – sender's signature. Please sign your name.

Right part

Part 9 – country of arrival, number of pieces, weight. Please fill in relevant information in the corresponding column according to your destination country, number of boxes (packages) and total weight.

Part 10 – signature of the addressee. Our field pickup personnel will sign here.

Part 11 – recipient's signature. Your recipient will sign here to indicate that the delivery has been completed.

Commercial invoice filling guide

Commercial (proforma) invoice is an important document for customs officials to classify shipments and correctly estimate taxes when handling customs clearance procedures. Proforma invoice has many formats, but it will contain several basic elements, including: sender's name and address, recipient's name and address, product name, composition, quantity, declared amount and so on.


Completion Guide:

The company name, detailed address and contact telephone number of the actual sender must be written in English (P.O. Box address is not allowed)

The company name, detailed address and contact telephone number of the actual importer must be written in English (P.O. Box address is not allowed). When the importer and the recipient are the same company, this item can be ignored and only the recipient column can be filled in.

The company name, recipient's name, detailed address and contact telephone number of the actual recipient must be indicated in English (P.O. Box address is not allowed).

The date and number of the invoice and the corresponding waybill number must be indicated.

If there are more than 2 types of articles to be shipped, the serial number must be filled in before the description of the article name, and the declared value must be filled in respectively.

The exact name and composition of the article must be specified in English. If it is a garment product, please specify the details of knitting method (knit or woven), composition and content, style (men's clothing, women's clothing or children's clothing), and shall not be expressed by the internal product code of the sending company.

Unit price: the unit price calculated by weight or quantity according to the condition of the article.

Quantity: the quantity corresponding to the unit price calculation method, such as number of pieces and weight.

Total price: the total price of individual items calculated according to unit price and quantity.


The origin of the shipment must be declared.

Please summarize the total quantity, total weight and total declared value of the goods shipped.

The person in charge of the sending company shall sign or affix the company seal.

Guide for filling in customs declaration power of attorney

Accompanying documents:

1)For companies with import and export operation rights, please prepare the waybill every time you deliver the goods; Invoice in triplicate; Original customs declaration power of attorney. At the same time, the HS code of the goods and the ten digit registration code of the customs must be indicated in the ninth column of the waybill and the invoice.

2)For companies without import and export management rights, trading companies with import and export management rights can be entrusted as their import and export trade agents, except for the need to provide waybills; Invoice in triplicate; Original power of attorney for customs declaration; The import and export agency agreement must also be provided (there is no fixed format, it can be a copy). At the same time, the HS code and ten digit customs registration code of the shipped goods must be indicated in the ninth column of the waybill and the invoice.


Customs declaration power of attorney template


Warm reminder:

1). Import and export samples and advertising materials, whether provided free of charge or not, shall be declared to the Customs by the import and export consignee or consignor registered with the customs or his agent.


2). Correct commodity code (HS code), product name, specification and model, value, number of pieces, weight and other declaration items must be provided during declaration. The product name must be correctly described during declaration to avoid vague declaration of product name, such as fuzzy and nonstandard product names such as "cloth sample", "clothing", "electronic parts", "mechanical accessories".


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