Frequently Asked Questions

About sending business packages

(1) Q: How do I use YDH express to send packages?

A: You call 800-988-1378 or 400-888-1378 (mobile phone users) national free service hotline. We will have professional customer service personnel to serve you.You can also contact us through other contact methods.


(2) Q: Do you charge for your express waybill?

Answer:It’s free.All customers will get YDH express waybill free of charge.


(3) Q: What documents need to be attached when delivering the goods?

A: All YDH express goods must be accompanied by a waybill. Commercial invoices must also be attached when the goods are shipped out of China.


(4) Q: How can I get the international express service waybill?

A: Just call our service hotline 800-988-1378 or 400-888-1378 (mobile phone users). We will send you the international express waybill you need.


(5) Q: I need to send a shipment abroad, so I must attach a commercial invoice. How should I prepare it?

A: You can find a detailed guide on how to prepare commercial invoices on our service support page.

About tracking the delivery status of goods

Q: How do I track my YDH express goods?

A: Visit www.ydhex.com , in the query window, you can track your cargo delivery information at any time. Or you could track the courier number through the third-party logistics query software cooperating with our company.Or call 800-988-1378 / 400-888-1378, YDHs professional customer service staff will provide you with express tracking query.

Payment method

Q: What are the freight payment methods I can choose?

A:We have flexible freight payment methods: sender payment, recipient payment, third-party payment and other flexible payment methods for you to choose. Please consult our sales personnel or 800 customer service center for details.

About packaging

(1) Q: Where can I find advice on the packaging of goods?

A: You can find the packaging guide on our service support page, and you can learn about the detailed cargo packaging suggestions. If your shipment contains particularly important or sensitive items, please contact us and we will provide you with special treatment according to the situation of the goods.

(2)Q:What packaging materials do you provide?

Answer: YDH could provide you with packaging materials free of charge. We have paper cases, waterproof bags (two specifications), cartons (five specifications) and other packaging materials for you to choose from.

YDH material specification:

YDH file case (33cm x 24cm)

YDH large plastic waterproof bag (68cm x 43cm)

YDH small plastic waterproof bag (50cm x 35cm)

YDH carton No. 1 (36cm x 26cm x 20cm)

YDH carton No. 2 (44cm x 30cm x 20cm)

YDH carton No. 3 (54cm x 32cm x 24cm)

YDH carton No. 4 (54cm x 40cm x 31cm)

YDH carton No. 5 (60cm x 45cm x 47cm)

Description of restricted articles

According to the list of goods prohibited from import and export by the customs of the people's Republic of China, IATA guide for dangerous goods, relevant international organizations and the provisions of the Chinese government, we will not accept the goods carried:

1.Prohibited articles for import:

Various weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition and explosives.

Counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities.

National currency cash and securities, bearer negotiable instruments.

Printed matter, film, photos, records, films, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other articles harmful to China's politics, economy, culture and morality.

All kinds of strong poisons. Opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana and other addictive narcotics and psychotropic substances.

Animals, plants and their products with dangerous bacteria, pests and other harmful organisms.

Foods, drugs or other articles that hinder human and animal health, come from epidemic areas and can spread diseases.

Radio transceiver, communication security machine.

Tobacco and wine.

Animals, endangered and precious plants (including specimens) and their seeds and reproductive materials.

Other articles prohibited or restricted by the customs.


2.Prohibited articles for export:

All articles prohibited from entry by the customs.

Inflammable, explosive, corrosive, radioactive and toxic substances.

Manuscripts, printed matter, films, photos, records, films, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other articles involving state secrets.

Precious cultural relics and other cultural relics.

Precious ores, gold and silver and other precious metals and their products.

Precious Chinese medicinal materials.

Human remains and all animal offal or manufactured products.

Counterfeit famous brand products, pirated CDs / publications and other illegal items.

Other articles prohibited or restricted from leaving the country by the customs.

Battery product shipping instructions

According to the regulations, different battery products will have different transportation requirements. Please provide specific product information before delivery and consult our sales personnel or customer service.


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