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Important notice of YDH on EU tax reform and adjustment on July 1
YDH notice 2021-06-24 11-58-31

Some questions about IOSS

Q1. What is IOSS?

A: IOSS is the abbreviation of the import one-stop shop, translated as one-stop import service. In fact, IOSS is an electronic portal, which was created to facilitate and simplify the declaration and payment of value-added tax on goods sold remotely by sellers from non EU countries or regions.

Q2. Why register IOSS?

A: After registering IOSS, inbound packages less than 150 euros from non EU countries / regions can be cleared at the customs clearance port of any EU member state to improve the efficiency of customs clearance and effectively avoid delays in customs clearance and additional logistics costs.

Q3. How to register IOSS?

A: (1) an application for registration may be submitted to the customs of any of the 27 EU countries.

Note: IOSS platform is a non mandatory optional platform. It only needs to be registered in one EU member state to manage the sales value-added tax in the whole EU region. Therefore, it is not necessary to register in each EU country selling goods for the payment of value-added tax.

(2) Only EU enterprises or companies with "intermediary" qualification are allowed to submit registration application materials.

(3) The intermediary shall undertake the obligation of VAT declaration and timely payment.

Required information: business license, legal person id card / passport, information registration form, articles of association, import and export license.

Q4. How to use IOSS?
A: From July 1, 2021: e-commerce enterprises that directly sell goods with a value of no more than 150 euros to EU consumers can register, declare and pay VAT in the EU through the new IOSS platform.

Q5. After the EU's new deal, how to clear goods below 22 euros?
A: After the new deal, goods below 22 euros are no longer exempt from VAT, and the customs clearance mode has not changed.

Q6. Is the declared value tax inclusive or tax exclusive? Does it include freight?
A: The declared value is equal to the sales price of the platform, including freight, but excluding the VAT paid by the platform.

Q7. What is the proportion of VAT paid by the seller?
A: From July 1, 2021, VAT will be paid according to the tax rate of the destination country.

Q8. Can packages with IOSS number and packages without IOSS number be transported together?
A: Yes, for orders without IOSS number, you can choose the prepaid VAT service provided by YDH.
Please apply for IOSS number in time according to the above information and make delivery plan in advance. If you have any other questions, please contact our customer manager or customer service personnel in time.


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