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Overseas warehouse product manager (WMS)
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Overseas warehouse product manager (WMS)


job responsibilities

1. Lead the product planning and design of WMS system, put forward improvement suggestions according to the definition of products and processes, and finally transform them into information requirements
2. According to business requirements, write detailed product requirements documents and prototype design documents, and elaborate product functions and use processes in detail
3. According to the business process, put forward improvement suggestions for product line processes such as delivery and warehousing, and continue version iteration
4. Work closely with the R & D team to formulate the launch plan, follow up the development progress and quality of products, and ensure the normal launch on time


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in product design, mathematics and other related majors is preferred
2. More than 2 years of product design experience, be able to skillfully use Axure and other software tools, complete detailed PRD document writing and demo production, and have participated in WMS + TMS system product design experience in logistics enterprises is preferred
3. Have excellent logical analysis ability and data analysis ability, and be able to formulate feasible product plans in combination with business needs
4. Good cross departmental communication and project coordination skills, good at coordinating resources and promoting project progress


28F,, No. 999, Li'an Road, Minhang District, Shanghai


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