China-Japan express

Reference delivery time

Japan Express (ordinary goods)    2-3 working days
Japan Express (electronic goods)  2-3 working days

Billing method

1. Description of weight measurement rules: the heavier one is taken as the billing weight compared with the actual weight and volume weight; Volume calculation formula: length (CM) × Width (CM) × Height (CM) ÷ 6000;     

2. Description of shipping requirements: the sum of three sides ≤ 160cm, the weight of a single piece ≤ 20kg, and one or more pieces are not supported;      

If it exceeds the specification and size standard, it will be charged separately: 160-180cm: + 80 yuan / ticket; 181-200cm: + 100 yuan / ticket; 201-220cm: + 150 yuan / ticket; 221-240cm: + 210 yuan / ticket; 241-260cm: + 300 yuan / ticket; Both sides cannot exceed 1.5m at the same time and cannot be transported; If one side exceeds 2m, it needs to be sent by special vehicle, and there will be expenses. Please consult in advance for details;

Accessible country

All over Japan, Okinawa is remote, and RMB 150 / ticket will be charged

Package requirements

1) Textile goods need to be provided with materials and weaving methods

2) The categories of cosmetics goods that can be undertaken are as follows (no more than 15 retail packages / single category / non retail mass Merchandising): (liquids and combustibles are not allowed. If you have any questions about the category, you can consult the customer service)

(face cream) cleansing cream, cold cream, shaving cream, face cream, hand cream, sunscreen cream, sunscreen cream.

Foundation make-up, foundation make-up, solid foundation make-up

(powder) cream powder, solid powder, loose powder, talcum powder, kneading powder, baby talcum powder, talcum powder, water powder

(Kou Hong) Kou Hong, lipstick

Eyeliner eye black eye shadow pencil powder Blusher Mascara eyebrow pencil

Cosmetic soap

(toothpaste) toothpaste

Weight and size limits

Sum of three sides ≤ 160cm, single piece weight ≤ 20kg

Prohibited Articles

Our company will not accept inflammable and explosive articles that pose a threat to the aircraft, or articles prohibited from entering or leaving the country in violation of Chinese laws and regulations and the provisions of the importing country;

Note: imitation brand, infringement of appearance and shape, well-known cartoon characters, etc. are all articles restricted by the customs. Any additional costs such as storage fees, destruction fees, in-house fees, fines, return freight and other additional costs incurred due to the impossibility of customs clearance due to the imitation of license and infringement of intellectual property rights in the goods shall be borne by the sender by default;

Return service

Description of reassignment and reissue fee: the reassignment fee is 1000 days before returning to the overseas warehouse, the prepaid reissue fee is 2000 days after returning to the overseas warehouse, and the reissue fee is 1200 days after receiving payment (return fee is 1000 days + reissue handling fee is 200 days)


The handling fee is only charged once a month, and the charging standard is as follows: if the total monthly tax is less than 30000 days, the handling fee of 1100 days will be charged; If the total monthly tax amount is more than 30000 days, 5.4% of the total tax will be charged as the handling fee; Note: the inspection fee is charged at 2000 D / ticket according to the original standard. Default tariff payment for e-commerce packages

Compensation standard

Lost parts: free of freight and compensation for the declared value (up to RMB 100);

The compensation does not include the intangible value and added value of any information carried by the package itself;

Fragile products shall be packed by themselves, and the damage shall not be compensated. The shipping representative defaults to these provisions;

YDH shall not be liable for the delay of time limit or damage / loss of goods caused by force majeure (strike / war / natural disaster / customs factor / government action, etc.);

The goods shall be deemed to have been received after our company's warehousing scanning, otherwise no compensation will be made.


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