China-europe express economy

Reference delivery time

Billing method

Charge by gram, 50g lifting; Compared with the actual weight and volume weight, the heavier one is taken as the billing weight; Volume calculation formula: length (CM) × Width (CM) × Height (CM) ÷ 6000; Total bubble.

Accessible country

France FR / Germany de / Netherlands NL / Sweden Se / Italy it / Belgium be / Denmark Dk / Spain ES / Austria Au / Luxembourg Lu / Slovenia Si (suspension of voucher preparation) / Poland PL / Czech CZ / Ireland IE / Finland fi (suspension of voucher preparation) / Hungary Hu (suspension of voucher preparation) / Lithuania LT (suspension of voucher preparation) / Latvia LV (suspension of voucher preparation) / Portugal Pt / Slovakia sk

Package requirements

YDH online order operating system orders or API orders. Select the mode of transportation: China Europe special line economic product code: ydlur / ydlurs

Do not accept gifts, accessories and other general and vague product names, and the sender must truthfully declare, otherwise it will be deemed that our company declares on behalf of us. Our company will not bear relevant responsibilities and expenses for the delay and others caused thereby;

If the common goods code of the customer's live products is found, the warehouse operation will be delayed for 3-5 days, and the settlement will be made according to the live price, and the time delay will be borne by the customer.

Weight and size limits

Weight: 2KG

Size limit: 14cm ≤ length ≤ 50cm, 9cm ≤ width ≤ 50cm, height ≤ 50cm

Prohibited Articles

It is not allowed to transport or carry UPU prohibited goods, airline prohibited goods and dangerous goods.

Do not accept self-defense products such as swing sticks and anti wolf alarms, and do not accept contraband such as controlled knives, magnesium sticks and electric shock sticks. Once the goods are washed, a fine of 1000 yuan / ticket will be imposed;

Return service

If the delivery fails, it will be returned to the Luxembourg warehouse. If it needs to be re dispatched, the fee is 100RMB / ticket


In case of customs inspection due to high value, low report, false report, omission and other reasons, in addition to the supplementary tax payment, the customs fine incurred shall be borne by the customer. If the IOSS problem is invalid or the provision is wrong, the tax and tax rate shall be reimbursed;

Compensation standard

1. Lost parts in the warehouse: free of freight and compensation for the declared value (up to RMB 100);
2. The goods shall be deemed to have been received after our company's warehousing scanning, otherwise no compensation will be made;
3. No inquiry service;
4. No compensation service after delivery;


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