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Sales manager
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Sales manager

job responsibilities

1. Client promotion and development of the company's logistics products (express, cross-border).
2. Undertake corresponding sales tasks and be responsible for the development and maintenance of key customers; Continuously tap the potential value of customers to achieve the maximum value cooperation between customers and the company.
3. Follow up the resources of key customers, promote the sales process by using project marketing, provide targeted overall recruitment solutions to target customers, and ensure the completion of established sales tasks.
4. Be responsible for collecting customer needs, feeding back market dynamic information and competitive intelligence, and helping to improve the demand for new products.
5. Keep good communication with customers, collect and feed back customer information in time, actively coordinate and coordinate internal and external resources of the company, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.
6. Keep good communication with customers and all support departments of the company, master Dunning skills, control the amount of accounts receivable and speed up the return of sales funds.


1. Full of initiative, strong sense of goal and strong motivation for achievement;
2. Outgoing personality, strong stress resistance, energetic and persistent;
3. Excellent communication skills and timely feedback; Be good at listening and understanding others; Speak clearly and persuasively;
4. First class affinity and trust;
5. Integrity, intelligence, self-motivated and magnanimous;


YDH's branches in Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Quanzhou and Hangzhou,etc

benefits and contact information

1. It can be delivered with or without experience. Fresh graduates are accepted. Those with experience are given preferential treatment. They can enjoy professional and all-round knowledge training after entering the company. The company provides one-to-one professional counseling and training.
2. Five insurances and one fund, paid leave, holiday benefits, subsidies for department team activities, etc.
3. Irresponsible base salary + commission + performance


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