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Logistics product manager
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Product manager of logistics

job responsibilities

1. More than two years working experience as product manager in Internet industry;

2. Master the basic methodology and common tools of product planning and design, such as a x u r e, m i n d m a n a g e r, o f f I c e, etc;

3. Have strong demand analysis, logical thinking and innovative learning ability, be good at using Internet channels for reference and using mature products or solutions to quickly complete work; 4. Have the ability to quickly output product prototypes and P R D documents when the requirements are clear;

5. Excellent team work spirit and good communication skills;

6. Pursue products, dream of career, and be willing to work with the company for the common goal;

7. Experience in project management, technology development or u I / u E is preferred.

8. Cross border logistics (consolidation industry) industry experience is preferred:


1. Responsible for product requirement discovery and analysis, product function design;

2. Continuously excavate user needs for product innovation, reasonably plan product development and function planning, coordinate and promote product function implementation, and improve user experience;

3. Focus on operation data, user research and feedback, and continuously optimize products;

4. Pay attention to the situation of competitors, and be sensitive to market changes;

5. Be responsible for the overall and detailed design of product interface and interaction, and promote the continuous improvement of product interaction experience;

6. Plan and manage the project progress, promote the technical realization of the project, and control the quality and efficiency of the project implementation;

7. Guide and manage product designers to build high-quality UI & interaction teams;

8. Put forward constructive opinions on the long-term development strategy of the product, conduct relevant market research, and provide corresponding basis for the decision-making level of the company.

9. Bachelor degree, 2 years working experience is preferred.


28F, NO 999, Li'an Road, Xinzhuang business district, Minhang District, Shanghai

benefits and contact information

Five insurances and one fund, monthly birthday party, job promotion opportunities, holiday benefits, irregular league construction, paid annual leave, year-end bonus, etc

Contact person and contact information

HR: Miss Chen

Tel: 021-61921501


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