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Product manager of Alibaba international station
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Product manager of Alibaba international station

job responsibilities

1. As Alibaba's ground sales team, it will undertake the global sales service of the group's products in the future development, which has great development space and challenges
2. Use multiple channels to find and call and visit foreign trade enterprises, sell Alibaba's diversified products (website, advertising, logistics, finance, data and other services): provide customers with a complete set of cross-border trade solutions
3. Analyze customer needs, summarize market & industry characteristics, and use cross-border trade & e-commerce knowledge to provide customers with professional cross-border e-commerce marketing solutions
4. Establish a good customer relationship and promote the sharing of experience between customers and the growth of the company


1. College degree or above, more than 1 year of sales related experience, key customer sales service is preferred;
2. Experience in promoting foreign trade and Internet e-commerce platforms is preferred; C-end experience in Amazon, wish, eBay or other B2B platforms is preferred;
3. Willing to challenge, self-motivated, good at learning, self demanding; Positive, optimistic, self disciplined and pressure resistant;


Xinzhuang business district, Minhang District, Shanghai

benefits and contact information

1. A highly competitive salary, [five insurances and one fund + commercial insurance + higher than the base salary of peers + floating commission + high performance] in our eyes, newcomers need to get more than 300000 in the first year of employment, which is above the middle level.
2. Fair promotion channel [management route promotion; professional route promotion; global or cross business division job transfer channel]
3. Paid annual leave and statutory leave are all available
4. Perfect training system, enjoy Alibaba newcomer system training after employment [Hangzhou training + regional training + apprenticeship system] and welcome young people with dreams, pursuit and motivation!


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