International commerce express service

International Commercial express service

1 Service content

YDH provides different commercial express delivery services for customers with different needs: "standard express", "designated day express", "rest day special", "limited time special", "special express (Express hand)", "special car Express" and "Airport Express pick-up". At the same time, it also provides different settlement methods.

Standard express:  If you have no special requirements for express delivery time limit, that is, you use our "standard express service" by default, and YDH will deliver the goods to the distribution place you specify within the standard time limit.

Designated day express:  According to your needs, deliver the express to your designated delivery place within the date you specify.

Rest day dispatch:  After your express arrives in the destination country and completes customs clearance, it is a rest day in that country. Express delivery will not be delivered, but your customers urgently need the express, so you can choose this service.

Limited time special service:  If you have special requirements for the timeliness of express delivery and must be delivered to the designated place before what time, you can choose our "limited time special service".

Special express (Express hand):  If your goods must be delivered in a very short time, you can choose our "hand-carry" service, which is an international express service carried by YDH for import and export by hand, so as to deliver your special express to your designated distribution place in the shortest time.

Express delivery by special car:  After the express arrives at the distribution destination country and completes customs clearance, YDH will deliver the express to the distribution place designated by you in a short time by special car.

Airport Express pick-up:  After your express arrives in the destination country and completes customs clearance, inform YDH customer service in advance that the express will be picked up by the recipient at the airport. We will arrange the pick-up at the recipient's airport for you.

Monthly freight settlement service:  If you need to use international express service many times a month, YDH can provide you with monthly freight settlement service as appropriate. (commercial only)

Freight collect service:  If your express freight needs to be paid by the recipient, YDH will collect it from the recipient when the express is delivered.

Third party payment service:  If you are an intermediate trader and need to transport goods directly from the manufacturer to your foreign customers, you can choose this service. After your consent, the manufacturer as the sender only needs to select the "third party payment" option, and you will pay the relevant freight.

2 Value added services

If you have special needs for express service, you can choose a variety of value-added services provided by YDH according to your needs: "appointment pick-up", "pick-up in other places", "waybill printing", "application for materials", "agent customs declaration and inspection", "packaging reinforcement", "agent commodity inspection", "agent various inspection reports", "collection of payment for goods", etc.
For more details, please consult our account manager.

Appointment pick-up:  If you need time to prepare for the packing and packing of your express, you can ask us to pick up the goods on site regularly, and our pick-up clerk will pick up the goods on site at the time you specify.

Remote pickup:  If the location of your express is different from the location of the waybill, or the same express is scattered in different regions, we can provide you with remote pickup services. Relying on the pickup network of YDH, our pickup staff can pick up the pieces and collect the waybill respectively according to your different designated addresses, and then carry out combined shipment in our operation center.

Waybill printing:  In order to reduce the trouble of repeatedly filling in the express waybill, you can provide the necessary waybill sending information to YDH and print the international express waybill for you in batches.

Materials applied for:  Material types include: waybill, document shell (33) × 24) large plastic waterproof bag (68) × 43), small plastic waterproof bag (50) × 35), carton 1 (36 × twenty-six × 20) No. 2 carton (44) × thirty × 20) No. 3 carton (54) × thirty-two × 24) No. 4 carton (54) × forty × 31) No. 5 carton (60) × forty-five ×  47)。 Specification unit: cm.

Agent for customs declaration and inspection:  When you need to make customs declaration or inspection when you import and export goods, you can entrust YDH to act as your agent for import and export customs declaration and inspection.

Packing reinforcement:  If the contents of your express need special reinforcement, you can inform us to strengthen the packing of your express.

Agent commodity inspection:  If your import and export goods need to be reported to the AQSIQ for commodity inspection, you can entrust us to conduct agent commodity inspection for you.

Handling all kinds of inspection reports on your behalf:  If you need to carry out all kinds of inspection on some goods according to the national import and export regulations and issue inspection reports, such as magnetic inspection reports and chemical inspection reports, you can entrust us to handle them on your behalf.

Collection of payment for goods:  If you need to collect payment for goods from the recipient when the goods are delivered to the recipient during the transportation of goods, so as to clear the money and goods, you can use YDH's collection of payment for goods service.

Parts of the above services may incur additional fees. When you need them, you can contact our customer manager or customer service personnel for confirmation.


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