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CCTV news: the B2B export of cross-border e-commerce of Shanghai Customs was launched today
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       Since September 1, Shanghai Customs has launched the B2B export pilot of cross-border e-commerce, marking the opening of a new journey of cross-border e-commerce trade of "selling the world" on a large scale at Shanghai port. On the first day of the pilot implementation, CCTV also reported the opening of the new deal for cross-border e-commerce B2B export of Shanghai Customs at the Shanghai customs international express Supervision Center at Pudong airport. Ideal international logistics responded positively to the customs policy, and the first batch of 9710 and 9810 declared goods successfully passed the customs rapid release at Shanghai Pudong Airport and embarked on the journey to a foreign country.


Video source: CCTV's "live news room" program on September 1



In June this year, in order to improve the B2B export mode of cross-border e-commerce, the General Administration of Customs added 9710 and 9810 supervision mode codes.

According to the announcement of the General Administration of customs, from September 1, on the basis of the first batch of 10 customs, 12 customs directly under Shanghai, Fuzhou, Qingdao, Jinan, Wuhan, Changsha, Gongbei, Zhanjiang, Nanning, Chongqing, Chengdu and Xi'an will be added to the pilot of enterprise to enterprise export supervision of cross-border e-commerce enterprises. Enterprises can "register at one time" and "connect at one point", and enjoy the "transit allowed" and "priority inspection" of the customs "Convenient return management" and other preferential policies make the whole customs clearance paperless, and the declaration more concise and convenient. The new policy reduces the number of declaration documents and fewer items, further reducing the cost of customs clearance and improving the efficiency of customs clearance.


Wang Wenjiang, general manager of YDH, was interviewed by the media



Cross border e-commerce B2B export goods are undergoing customs inspection


Ideal international logistics (YDH) has more than ten years of customs declaration qualification and experience. In the International Express Center of Pudong International Airport, it has an independent warehouse and professional customs declaration team. It has obtained the qualifications of registered enterprises in China's customs supervision places, entry-exit express operation units, agent inspection declaration enterprises and so on. It has a good reputation in Shanghai Customs.

Since the opening of 9610 export declaration supervision mode by Shanghai Customs, Yida international logistics has actively joined the pilot, and has reached an average of 300000 orders per month. This morning, Yida adopted the 9710 and 9810 export declaration mode to declare the first cross-border e-commerce B2B direct export goods. It received the customs release information within 5 minutes. It will carry the flight to the destination that night, greatly improving the overall timeliness.  On the first day of the cross-border e-commerce B2B new deal, Yida had a strong demand for export orders, which increased significantly compared with the past, and the effect of the new deal was obvious.

In the future, YDH will continue to actively cooperate with the customs policy and promote the export declaration business of the new customs policy.



Definition of cross-border e-commerce B2B export:

According to Announcement No. 75 of the General Administration of Customs in 2020 (announcement on carrying out pilot export supervision of cross-border e-commerce enterprises to enterprises), "cross border e-commerce B2B export" refers to the trade form in which domestic enterprises transport goods to overseas enterprises or overseas warehouses through cross-border logistics and complete transactions through cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Cross border e-commerce B2B export can be divided into two business modes. Enterprises can choose the corresponding mode to declare to the customs in combination with their own business types:


01. Enterprise to enterprise direct export

That is, after a domestic enterprise reaches a transaction with an overseas enterprise through a cross-border e-commerce platform, it directly exports goods to an overseas enterprise through cross-border logistics, referred to as "cross-border e-commerce B2B direct export", and the customs supervision method code is "9710".

02. Export overseas warehouse

That is, domestic enterprises first export goods to overseas warehouses through cross-border logistics, and then deliver them to overseas buyers from overseas warehouses after transactions through cross-border e-commerce platforms, referred to as "cross-border e-commerce export overseas warehouses", and the customs supervision method code is "9810".


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