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Many media and units paid attention to reporting the performance of YDH in fighting the epidemic
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As a logistics enterprise with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, YDH  has no hesitation and rushed to the rescue at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic at home and abroad. It has actively invested in the transportation of epidemic prevention materials and played its own strength in the common war of "epidemic".

The performance of Ideal international logistics in the global anti epidemic has been reported by many media. Oriental finance and economics channel made a special report on Yida international logistics in the "discovery" column on May 23.

As early as the news broadcast of Anhui Satellite TV on February 3, it also reported that Yida international logistics donated anti epidemic materials to help fight the epidemic in China.


In addition, many other media reported on Ideal international logistics. In the article entitled "a mask relay across the river and sea", Nandu weekly devoted a large space to the activity of Yida international logistics to donate masks to foreign students. The overseas edition of the people's Daily "overseas students are a concern of the mother of the motherland", the East Asia Information Network "the largest anti epidemic donation from the Japanese local government to China landed in Guangzhou" and many other media and newspapers mentioned Yida international logistics in their reports on overseas students and domestic anti epidemic.

The Chinese Consulate General in Osaka "Hyogo County donated materials to Guangdong and Hainan provinces to stop the epidemic", and the Chinese Consulate General in New York "doctor New York said: 'we feel the great love and unity of Chinese Americans'!" Yida international logistics was also mentioned in the reports of Chinese consulates abroad, such as the "real record of online communication between Ambassador Wu Ken and representatives of students studying in Germany on the anti epidemic situation in Germany" of the Chinese Embassy in Germany.

The official wechat "Yangxin Jinzhai" of the party and government of Jinzhai County, Anhui Province reported the donation of epidemic prevention materials by Yida international logistics to Jinzhai in the special article "Jinzhai Entrepreneurs Association supporting their hometown to fight the epidemic" .


In the cross-border logistics circle, Shanghai customs declaration association also introduced the activities of Ideal international logistics in helping domestic fight against the epidemic and donating overseas students in [special issue of assisting enterprises to fight the epidemic], cross-border e-commerce Hugo network, cross-border e-commerce logistics baixiaosheng and other logistics and cross-border e-commerce related associations and enterprises.

Many famous universities in China, such as the Swiss Zurich Federation, the University of Essex Federation, the Belgian Leuven Federation and the Ghent Federation, as well as China Agricultural University, the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University, mentioned the Yida international logistics donation mask activity in the newspaper paying attention to overseas students.



Ideal international logistics' anti epidemic love activities are divided into two stages: domestic and overseas.

During the period of severe domestic epidemic, the board of directors of the company decided to allocate 3 million yuan of special funds to help fight the epidemic in China. On the one hand, it provides convenient channels for foreign institutions and groups, bears the cost of international transportation of domestic anti epidemic materials free of charge, and arranges transportation to the designated donation place. On the other hand, it mobilizes the strength of YDH Japan company to purchase anti epidemic materials in Japan and give them to Wuhan, Hubei, Jinzhai, Anhui and other places free of charge, so as to tide over the difficulties together.



With the increasingly serious overseas epidemic, the company once again decided to invest 3 million yuan of special funds to launch a large-scale public welfare activity of giving 600000 masks free of charge to 30000 overseas Chinese students, so as to help overseas students overcome the difficult time of serious epidemic and material shortage.



In the process of holding love activities, YDH received the support and help of many institutions, associations and relevant enterprises at home and abroad, such as Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City Overseas Chinese Federation and Pudong New Area returned overseas Chinese Federation, as well as the concerted efforts of YDH employees. I would like to express my gratitude.

The overseas epidemic is still very serious. Overseas students and Chinese people strengthen their own protection and are willing to tide over the difficulties as soon as possible.

YDH pursues the concept of "taking it from the society and using it for the society", and actively performs the responsibility and obligation of "enterprise serving the society and returning to the society". While creating its own profits, the enterprise actively participates in social public welfare activities and assumes the social responsibility of the enterprise.

YDH is not only a rapidly developing logistics enterprise, but also an enterprise with great love and national feelings. Our enterprise adheres to the service tenet of "safety, quickness, accuracy and professionalism", adheres to the concept of "duty bound, mission bound", adheres to the enterprise values of "integrity, dedication, struggle, innovation, gratitude and win-win", and strives to become the best logistics operator in the world, Help our customers grasp business opportunities, become bigger and stronger, and deliver a better future!


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