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General Administration of Customs: the whole process of Customs approval and release is electronic, so that domestic e-commerce can catch the express train to "sell the world"
Company news 2021-12-02 12-25-59

Recently, Shanghai Ideal International Logistics Co., Ltd. declared to export a batch of cross-border e-commerce goods at the enterprise client. A few seconds later, it received the receipt of clearance approved by the customs, and then arranged the shipment of goods. The Pudong Airport Customs under Shanghai Customs explored the whole process of electronic approval and release of cross-border e-commerce for export, so as to catch the express train of "selling domestic goods around the world".




In recent years, there has been a small peak of international express in and out of Shanghai Express port around November. This year, the cross-border e-commerce export volume of Shanghai Express port has shown an upward trend since October, with an increase of more than 30% month on month compared with September.

In order to cope with the peak export of cross-border e-commerce, Shanghai Customs has taken various measures to ensure the timely customs clearance of goods. This year, the customs will further promote the application of scientific and technological means, promote the electronic approval and release of cross-border e-commerce for export, and improve the level of customs clearance facilitation. After the declaration of the original enterprise is completed, it is necessary to summarize the sub waybill received the release instruction into a general document, stamp the release seal at the customs clearance site, and deliver the goods at the arrival station with the general document stamped with the release seal. "Now, by means of informatization, we can automatically summarize the release information of the distribution bill and send it to the cargo station by countersigning, so as to save the human and material resources cost of the enterprise to and from the customs clearance site." Said Xu Huihua, deputy section chief of the first Department of Customs express supervision at Pudong airport.


The continuously improved customs clearance timeliness and regulatory efficiency help domestic enterprises "sell globally". Wang Wenjiang, general manager of Shanghai Yida, said: "affected by the epidemic, the overseas supply chain has a stronger demand for Chinese goods this year. The cross-border e-commerce B2B export model makes it much easier to declare and release, reduces a lot of pressure on us, and enhances the competitiveness of domestic commodity exports." In the first half of November, Shanghai Yida declared to export more than 180000 cross-border e-commerce export commodities, more than 70% of the total export volume in September. (Zhang Zhengguang / text)

Source: General Administration of Customs


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