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YDH participated in the 2021 TikTok for business brand Summit
Company news 2021-09-05 03-15-11

      On September 3, the "2021 tiktok for business brand going to sea summit" held by Hugo, the agent of TikTok for business brand going to sea, was successfully held in Shenzhen.



       The summit was presented in the form of guest keynote speech and round table forum. Through the sharing of TikTok official team, brand side, marketing organization and other dimensions, the whole industry had a systematic understanding of the overseas growth method of using tiktok for business brand to go to sea!



       Taking advantage of the traffic dividend of the short video platform, TikTok is developing rapidly in the world and has a broad imagination space. TikTok will also become an important position for cross-border e-commerce sellers to go to sea. Tiktok has emerging consumption power and scale growth power. The conference attracted hundreds of cross-border sellers to attend. Under the emotional sharing of guests and on-site thinking collision, it is expected to break the thinking mode of conventional e-commerce platforms, pay attention to the differences of different cultural backgrounds, unlock tiktok's traffic methodology, explore new ways of overseas growth, seize new land acquisition of traffic, and help cross-border sellers develop in the long term, Realize the domestic brand going to sea.



       As a partner of this conference, YDH has the honor to set up a booth at the conference site to provide logistics consulting services for participating sellers. On the day of the conference, many customers came to YDH's booth to make sellers better understand YDH's international special line logistics products and overseas warehouse service products through background plates, publicity pages and on-site communication with YDH's customer service personnel.



       Thank Hugo cross border and tiktok for business for their trust and support to YDH. As a well-known logistics service enterprise in the cross-border e-commerce industry, YDH always adheres to the service tenet of "safe, fast, accurate and professional", helps customers grasp business opportunities, expand and strengthen, and jointly explore new overseas markets.


Partial information source: Hugo cross border


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