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YDH appears at cross border e-commerce 315 Summit
Company news 2019-03-16 11-50-46



       On March 15, 2019, the "China cross border e-commerce 315 summit" with the theme of "Top of the Pujiang River, breaking the cross-border situation" was grandly held in Shanghai, China. Global well-known e-commerce platforms, leading service providers in various industries of China's cross-border e-commerce and domestic well-known head sellers participated in the conference. Zhang Qilong, chairman of Idea; international logistics group, was specially invited to attend the summit. YDH, as the top naming provider of this event, received strong attention and warm welcome from the whole audience at the conference!



    In 2019, the cost dividend disappears, the demographic dividend disappears, the policy dividend disappears, the category opportunity disappears, the geographical advantage disappears, the Sino US trade war, the new platform regulations, the new e-commerce law, the seller reshuffle and so on. Facing the severe situation, how should China's cross-border e-commerce focus on supply chain optimization and improving operation efficiency? How to find a way to break through? From all over the country, including the chairman of Yida international logistics, a group of founders of leading enterprises in the cross-border e-commerce industry and celebrities in the cross-border industry gathered together to discuss good strategies and seek common development, so as to find out the pulse and way for the development direction and breakthrough methods of China's cross-border E-commerce in the future.



In the morning, it was a feast of cross-border e-commerce industry dynamics and policy interpretation. Expert representatives from global well-known e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, wish, Joom and shopee shared the latest achievements in the fields of cross-border e-commerce market dynamics, policy trend and e-commerce development technology, and discussed the new ideas and models of global cross-border e-commerce development. Experts from various e-commerce platforms exchanged in the form of theme sharing, and jointly sought development opportunities for global cross-border e-commerce and innovation combination driven by a new round of information technology revolution.



This afternoon will be a feast for experience exchange and achievement sharing. Representatives from leading domestic cross-border e-commerce enterprises will share their experiences and methods in different thematic forms. Kang Yongjie, director of business development in East China of YDH, was also invited to deliver a keynote speech on "the key to cross-border cost control". The speech focused on YDH's advantages, cross-border logistics cost control and the judgment basis for selecting domestic direct delivery or overseas warehousing. The whole speech was wonderful and carried out in a continuous applause, and the atmosphere was warm.

The highlight of this event is the Huangpu River Cruise dinner arranged by the organizer, which was attended by the founders of domestic cross-border leading enterprises, cross-border circle celebrities and representatives of Ideal international logistics. During the dinner, we shared our successful experiences and experiences of going to sea, discussed new topics under the cross-border Sea outlet, explored new overseas markets, integrated global resources, analyzed the future trend of Chinese enterprises going to sea, and helped Chinese cross-border enterprises successfully transform under the wave of Global trade e-commerce.



       After more than ten years of development, YDH has become a comprehensive cross-border logistics operator integrating air transportation, sea transportation, express delivery and overseas warehousing. By deeply participating in the cross-border e-commerce summit, it plays a great role in promoting the further transformation, upgrading and business growth of YDH. At the same time, it has consolidated YDH's position in the cross-border logistics market, strengthened YDH's confidence in becoming the best logistics operator in the world, and strengthened YDH's determination to help customers grasp business opportunities and become bigger and stronger!



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