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YDH Japan cargo charter plane officially set sail!
Company news 2020-04-20 10-08-17

International Flights dropped sharply and cross-border e-commerce was killed

The COVID-19 has spread rapidly all over the world. A large number of international flights have been canceled, the position of air cargo has suddenly become tense, and the international air freight has risen sharply. How to ensure the normal shipment of goods has become the focus of many cross-border e-commerce sellers and international logistics companies.

For cross-border e-commerce sellers, the shortage of air transport capacity leads to flight instability and sharp rise in logistics costs, which in turn leads to the extension of the timeliness of package delivery, the increase of the number of complaints and the increase of the risk of store operation. The pain faced by e-commerce sellers is also a problem urgently needed to be solved by logistics companies. Logistics companies are trying to find solutions on how to ensure sufficient air capacity and positions and stable air price and timeliness.


YDH provided a solution and took the lead in opening a Japanese freight charter plane

As a global cross-border logistics operator, YDH has been committed to providing customers with safe, fast, accurate and professional logistics services. In view of the tense situation of international air cargo, YDH took the lead in launching the freight charter of China Japan special line to further strengthen the leader advantage of China Japan special line.


On April 19, the first cargo charter flight of YDH  China-Japan special line set sail smoothly. In cooperation with SF airlines, it flew directly from Shenzhen to Osaka, using B757-200 full cargo aircraft to transport goods, with a maximum load of 28 tons, so as to meet the urgent shipment needs of YDH customers to Japan.


Scene picture of the first Japanese charter flight of YDH

YDH Japanese charter flights continue to set sail

In order to further meet the shipment demand of YDH customers, YDH plans to continue to open the Charter plan to Japan and fly from Shanghai and Shenzhen ports to Tokyo and Osaka airports in Japan, with sufficient positions, stable timeliness, independent customs clearance and preferential prices.

YDH Japan charter plan

YDH Japan dedicated line has nearly 20 years of operation experience. It now has a variety of export service channels to Japan, such as commercial express, private express, FBA air and sea transportation, e-commerce small package and so on. It has the advantages of independent procurement of aviation resources and independent customs clearance.

At the moment of tight transportation capacity of Japan Airlines, in order to ship goods in time, you are welcome to contact us.


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